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Here are a few really low-quality pictures for those of you that can't wait any longer.  They remind me of those murky black and white photos of the Loch-Ness Monster or Bigfoot.  Keep in mind that these aren't really a great way to see what I truly look like...I hope to have some great color shots soon!

(left to right: Shawn, Me, Josh, Adam)
Crabbing at Winchester Bay... (Me, Adam, Brian)
Back in my Pep Band days...1995
left to right: Me, Brandon, Cooper(drinking pepsi), and Shawn
Corey and Jesse helping with my engine overhaul...
Me...just standing there...

Around the Area

1. Clear Lake 2. U.S. Highway 101  3. Winchester Bay  4. Gardiner  5. Some Sand Dunes

Winchester Bay, OR

1.  Dock 9 (Favorite Crabbing Spot w/friends)  2.  U.S. Highway 101  3.  Beach Blvd. (goes to dunes and beach)  4. Umpqua River (left - to ocean  right - to gardiner)  5.  Wow!  An Oregon clearcut forest!

Gardiner, OR

1.  Sawmill (not there anymore)  2.  I.P. Paper Mill  3. Umpqua River (go up to get to Win. Bay)
4.  W.F. Jewett Middle School (where I served time for 6th and 7th grade...)