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Shane's 1980 Ford Mustang Ghia

Original Specs:
  • 1980 Ghia Hatchback, manufactured August 1979.
  • Paint code 8w "Chamois Poly"
  • Fully optioned - full-adjustable drivers seat, map light/upper console, intermittent wipers, cruise

  •      control, air-conditioning.
  • 255 cid 4.2 liter V-8
  • C-4 transmission
  • 7.5" 2.26 geared rear-end
  • Current Specs:


  • Still a 1980 Ghia Hatchback....  :-)
  • Repainted Black (Summer 1997)
  • Modern 14" rims - 225/60R 14 tires
  • Rear spoiler from a 1985 Mustang LX
  • Hood Scoop from a 1983 Mercury Capri RS Turbo
  • Modified hood and scoop for ram-air system - easy to do!
  • Rear taillights from a 1979 Mercury Capri
  • Interior:

  • Sport style steering wheel from 1980 Mustang (to replace nasty old luxury wheel)
  • Center console from 1980 Mustang
  • Interior changed from tan to black
  • Engine, Chassis, etc.

  • Still a 255 cid V-8 with C-4 (looking for a 302 or 351w at the moment...)
  • Exhaust modifications - later model tailpipe and Hi-Flo muffler
  • Engine modifications - none really, waiting for the 302!
  • Air conditioning removed (who needs it on the Oregon coast?)
  • Sound-deadener removed
  • Future Specs...

  • 302 or 351 windsor to replace cheesy 255
  • B&M shift kit installation coming soon...
  • Subframe connectors and traction bars
  • And most of all....
  •     A diffferent rear-end!  (Found a traction-lok 3.45 in a Capri I've got my eye on...)


    Pics Coming Soon....

    I have many pictures of this car in its original grandma-car state.  I hope to get some nice pics online as it is now...good-lookin' car!

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