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Thanks for using my site, "The Grey Jacket's Chat Site". I hope that you find something useful, and feel free to use it in the future. And tell your friends! The more people use it, the better it'll get, so..enjoy!

Updates and What's New

More Decorating! I have again returned to GIF backgrounds, for lack of any creative color schemes. Tried to give a little bit of a different look to the page, since it's remained as boring as ever for the last three months. Scroll down to the bottom here, and you'll find some choice links of friends and other places. Check Em' Out! Remember, if you'd like to be linked to, give me a holler!

About "The Grey Jacket"


Who is The Grey Jacket? For centuries there have existed legends, dating as far back as the time of the Romans, of a mysterious wanderer cloaked in grey. This figure later became known to medieval times, as "The Grey Knight". Strangely, the legend of the Grey Knight traveled abroad to the orient, as he was to be known and worshipped as not only a god, but as the second emperor of China. In 19th century America, The Grey Jacket emerged as not a jacket, but as "The Grey Cowboy Hat". This man was truly a master of his craft, becoming a train robber, as well as a formidible gunslinger. Currently, The Grey Jacket is more popular than Ronald McDonald, and is seen on national syndicated television. Based upon his life is the movie, "Mad Max/The Road Warrior" in which Mel Gibson plays a stunning portrayal of The Grey Jacket's early years living in the desolate nothingness of Australia.


Who is The Grey Jacket? Some believe I'm some sort of master hacker; untrue. Others believe I'm the Unabomber; definitely not true. Still others think I'm a complete idiot; well.....sorta true. Truth is, I'm a 20 year old college student who resides in a boring town called Reedsport, Oregon. My hobbies include anything that moves (i.e. Cars, Airplanes, Boats, etc...), computers, and music. I've played the Electric Bass and the Sax for at least 8 years. No, I don't have a band at this time, but I used to! As for my interest in automobiles, I've got a page in the works dedicated to the Ford Mustang, which may get posted somewhere on the web in the coming months. Umm...what else? Oh, I'm 6 foot 4, I have brown hair, brown eyes, blah, blah, blah...

About This Site

"The Grey Jacket's Chat Site" grew out of my personal need for easier access to L'Hotel Chat. Following the lead of other backdoor sites, I learned to create my own, which soon got posted on the web in July '96 for others to use. Here we are many months later with over 20,000 hits, and still groaning...I mean growing. I've got many future plans for the site, including more emphasis on chat rooms in general, not just backdoors. Also on the drawing board is an Internet "radio station" using the Real Audio player.

Favorite Links

La Casa Diva - Home Page Of One Of My L'Hotel Chat Friends...

The Home Of Brown Eyed Girl - Home Page Of My Other L'Hotel Chat Friend...

Brandon's Hostile Page - Great Site! A Good Friend I Went To School With...

Nick's Mustang Corral And Picture Archive - A Good Site For Ford Mustang Fanatics...

Mustang Works Online Magazine - Another Good Mustang Site...Has A Chat Room!

That's Not All! More Coming Soon!

There you have it. Again, thanks for taking the time to explore this site, and feel free to continue using it! If you have any questions, or ideas, or maybe just want to chat, you can find me in L'Hotel Chat's "The Lab" in the evenings around 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time.